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International Students

New Zealand Certificate in Language Teaching 
(NZCLT- Level 5) Not Currently Available

- New Zealand Certificate in Language Teaching -


NZCLT is the acronym for New Zealand Certificate in Language Teaching. This qualification is for those who are or want to be a language educator in Aotearoa New Zealand or overseas. It represents a base level qualification for a professional language educator who can operate independently. You will be able to apply for roles teaching English language to adults and/or young learners.


Class size: 8 - 15 students. 

Full Time: Mon ~ Thurs - 10.15am - 2.45pm; Fri - 10.15am - 12.15pm

Why choose NSLS as your Teacher Training Centre?

  1. Established 15 years ago, NSLS is a leading teacher training centre with an international reputation for quality. NSLS is rated as a Category 1 school by NZQA.

  2. You will learn from highly qualified teacher trainers who have extensive experience of teaching English and training teachers.

  3. NSLS is fully approved, accredited and quality assured by NZQA & the Ministry of Education.

  4. Courses include practical demonstrations, practical experience and work experience. You will experience a wide range of activities, materials and tasks.

Course Start Dates: See Below


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