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Domestic Students



Our General English Programme is for students who are preparing to study at an academic institution or for those who want to improve their English for career or personal reasons. 

The course will help you to learn to use the language in everyday situations in New Zealand. During your lessons you will learn new words (vocabulary), improve your grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. General English is taught at all levels from Beginners to Upper - Intermediate, having groups divided according to students' ongoing individual English achievements.

At NSLS we vary our teaching methods using videos and interesting course books as well as newspapers and magazines in the classroom.

In addition we encourage our students to discover the many outdoor activities in New Zealand so that they can speak and understand English in different.




  • English - Beginners

  • English - Elementary

  • English - Pre - intermediate

  • English - Intermediate

  • English - Upper - Intermediate

  • Preparation for IELTS

Tuition Fee


  • Full Time Fee:              $220.00 (NZD) per week for Residence.                                                                 $240.00 per week for Visitor, Work visa 

  • Course Registration:    $150.00 (NZD)

  • Course Book:               $120.00 (NZD) for 1 term, 2 books

International (who is applying student visa via NSLS):

  • Full Time Fee:                  $330.00 (NZD)

  • Course Registration:        $150.00 (NZD)

  • Course Book:                   $120.00 (NZD)

  • Student Insurance:           $364 (NZD) for 6 months

  • Homestay Arrangement:  $350 (NZD)

  • Homestay Fee:                 $350 (NZD) per week. 


  • Full Time:   Monday - Thursday : 9.15 am - 2.45 pm                

                         Friday: Self-study or activity

  • Part Time:  Monday - Thursday : 9.30 am - 2.30 pm   

                         Friday: Self-study or activity

Other Information

  • Course Start Dates: Courses begins every Monday.

  • Maximum Class Size: 12 Students

  • We have an outdoor activity twice a term during your course.

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